PonderEd is the only education provider for learners to develop creative thinking based on thought process systematically.

Why do you need to develop creative thinking?

All individuals dream to become a leader. Being a leader is being a main player in a game. To be a main player in a game, one must have skills to compete. Without skills to compete, he/she would have to rely on other people who has the skills. 

Creative thinking is to develop tools to compete. For example, Steve Jobs from Apple developed fonts by connecting typography and computer to compete in existing computer market and won the game. Developing something new requires brain power of creative thinking. Thus, creative thinking is the most powerful tool for human life. 

The knowledge focused education cannot promote creative thinking. Knowledge is the past. Even if it is very new knowledge, the person who discover or create the knowledge already have it. Learning knowledge could be comfortable and easy. It is like walking on a trail that people already made. However, creative thinking is like developing a trail. Thus, it is challenging and difficult. But it will be exciting at the same time because it is process of adventuring unknown.

Who is this education for?

– Want to be a main player in a competition.

– Want to live independent life.

– Want to explore unknown.

– Want to live exciting life.

PonderEd is only education provider that can teach learners to develop creative thinking systematically in the world. 

The creative thinking was not learnable or teachable before. If it was, there should be many Newton, Einstein or Jobs like people in human history after Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein or Steve Jobs.

The creative thinking education is result of about 10 years of development. It started to teach children with Autism but later expanded to develop creative thinking for all.