Why thought process-based education? 1

Human societies are like pyramids. And many people hope to stand on top of the pyramids. But there is only one seat at the top of the pyramid. So, to be on the top, you will need to bit other people.

But will the vested rights that have already taken these places would step down from the top of the pyramid voluntarily? In reality, many will do whatever they could to keep their position and support their children to be on the top of the pyramid. For that, they will often gag other people by means of profanity, violence, etc. Why? This is the way to be sure others don’t cross the line.

When profanity, intimidation, and punishment are used, those who receive it will lose their confidence, courage, challenge, or will to fight which will make them to accept and stay in the given rank instead moving toward the top of the pyramid. So, people with vested rights and their descendants can stay on the top.

Sometimes people who dare to challenge for the top of the pyramid could be wiped out, as the many kings did in the past. Why? Because they could inspire or be role models for others to build potential to challenge for the position.

Therefore, in the pyramid structures based on money, power, honor, knowledge, etc., it is very difficult to climb up even one step in pyramid especially from mid-levels and up.

The reason why thought process-based learning is that the brain power is different social pyramid structure that is differ from the ones based on money, honor, knowledge, power, etc. More importantly, this pyramid surpasses any other pyramids that can be found in human society. This means that by being on top of the brain power pyramid, you will be on top of all the pyramids exit. In other words, no one will challenge you nor look down on you.