Listening and questioning after describing listened


People generally think that they are listening others very well. In fact, this is not the case. Students have difficulties to follow teachers and miscommunication happens many time proves this.

In many cases, this happens when people trying to find out the intention of the person talking or thinking about how to respond after. Because of these reasons, they cannot hear clearly.

Training to improve listening skills will reduce miscommunication in everyday life and efficacy of study if you are a student.

In addition to the listening skills, if you train yourself for questioning after describing what you hear, your study and life will move one step further because this skill will be used for negotiation, communication, and discussion. Here is two cases to compare.

Question 1. Simple and strait: Why did you do that?

Question 2. Describing and ask questions: Description – ‘Did you say you are just home? Then questions – What is the dirt on your hands? Did you fall?

Method for listening

Students: Listen and repeat in your brain word by word while teacher is speaking

General: Listen and repeat in your brain the person you are talking with word by word.

Method for questioning after describing listened

Students: Describe what you understood from hearing and repeating in your brain first then ask questions.

General: Describe what you understood as you listening and repeating in your brain then, ask questions.