Why thought process-based education? 2

Gaining knowledge by understanding inhibits brain to develop thought process because once a concept is known and understood, there is nothing left to think about. But halting brain development is not the only impact. This type of learning method also effects on life. For example, there is a restaurant people line up to have meal because their food is so delicious and you would like to have the recipe. In order to learn the recipe, you will have to ask the person who has it (knowledge). And probably the knowledgeable person wouldn’t give it out easy. He/she would ask for return for the knowledge and sometimes it could cost more than you expected. This is not the end. If you make him/her upset, your chances to get the recipe would decrease. So, you have please him/her.

Basically, if you seek for knowledge from anyone other than yourself, you will have to pay and obey the person who has. This phenomenon is easy to observe. You can take a look at the relationship between students and teachers.

In order to live independent life, you will need to develop brain power to build and increase knowledge by yourself. And the method can only be found in PonderEd. Nowhere else in the world provides similar method.