How to check the odds of getting Alzheimer?

The methods for dealing with Alzheimer’s disease here are for the condition that caused by natural development rather than other factors such as chemicals.

Alzheimer’s disease can be detected by the means of checking if the person’s thinking is logical because people with Alzheimer’s disease say or do things that don’t make sense. So, if you can check yourself how logical you are at the moment and compare to the past, it would reflect the probability of developing Alzheimer’s disease later.

There is one simple method to check how logical your thought is. If you are suspecting any people near you is developing Alzheimer, you can use this method to check as well.

This method is developed by PonderEd for the people who are learning to develop thought processes which is the brain power of thinking and uses ‘the law of causation’. Since this method can visualize the logic of a person, it can also be used to check the likelihood of Alzheimer’s disease.


  1. Choose any simple object as a topic (e.g. water) around you
  2. Ask a questions about the definition and describe the answer that you have.
    Example: Question – What is water? Answer – Water is a substance that relieves thirst and forms a lake etc.
  3. Generate of questions using ‘the Law of Causation on existence’ – If ‘A’ doesn’t exist, can there be ‘B’? / If ‘B’ doesn’t exist, can ‘A’ exist?; The questions must be made in pairs as shown.
    Example: Here A = water and B = thirst, lake;
    Questions: If there is no water, does a lake exist? / If lake does not exist, can water exist?
  4. Find the answer to question 3
    If there is no water, the lake cannot exist. The answer is no.
    Even if there is no lake, water can exist. So the answer is yes.
  5. If any one of the two questions in 4 is ‘no’, then your original answer to the question is not the answer to the question. Therefore your thinking is not logical.
    Example: Lake cannot be the description of water. It is the one of the physical forms of water

Apply this method for about 10 objects (stone, wood, earth, spoon, ring, etc.) around you and check the ratio of logical thinking vs. illogical thinking. The greater the number of non-logical thoughts among these ten topics, higher the chances to develop Alzheimer’s disease in the future.
Also, if the illogical thinking is increasing as years go by, you might want to check if you are in the beginning process of Alzheimer’s disease with Drs.