You and your kids are getting education to be a slave! NOT leaders.

You and your kids are getting education to be a slave! NOT leaders.

To be a leader or decision maker, the person has to have thinking skills to collect data, analyze it, predict future and make decision. Without this process, any decision making will be like gambling. 

Problem is that thinking is not easy to teach. There weren’t people like Albert Einstein after Einstein. This means that geniuses like Einstein were not able to teach their students or children to think like them.

Then, what are you learning at schools?

To be a leader or decision maker? No, you are learning to be a slave mostly.

Until now, thinking was not teachable or learnable. And education systems can only provide education to learn knowledge. 

What is the meaning of learning knowledge?

Learning knowledge is based on brain function of understanding and remembering. You understand and remember. Later you can use the knowledge and even teach others. 

This is NOT thinking.

Dogs’ brains are capable of understanding human language and signals. They do as they were told to do once trained. Basically, learning knowledge by understanding is the process of training human to be a trained dog.

Exams to check the knowledge and ranking the learners based on their scores are the same as ranking dogs based on results of the training.

As trained dogs rarely challenge the owners, if you are well trained, you wouldn’t be able to say anything even if you were accused unreasonably by your boss, you wouldn’t be able to challenge when you were treated unfairly, you wouldn’t be able to speak out when you were sexually assaulted, or sometimes even make you think that this is the life that you deserved.

Remember! Knowledge is the past and your life is the future. Knowledge can be used as references, but it cannot determine the future. You will need build thinking skills to predict future instead of focusing on.

The only place to learn how to think is PonderEd in the world. And the methods are open to everyone via YouTube lectures, books, and articles.

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