Something you should to know about learning knowledge by understanding!

1. Learning knowledge by understanding will train you to be a slave. You have to beg for knowledge from the knowledgeable person like a teacher or a professor).

2 Learning knowledge by understanding will hold you in the past. Knowledge is something that is already known. Even if you learned new one, it was already known by someone somewhere in the world.

3. Learning knowledge by understanding will block your brain from thinking. Once you understand and know, your brain will stop.

4. Learning knowledge will stress your brain. Once you learned, your brain stops thinking. To learn new knowledge, you will need to restart your brain. Basically, you are repeating stopping and going as driving in traffic jam.

5. Learning knowledge by understanding will stress your life. As your brain stressed, your life will be stressed.

6. Learning knowledge by understanding is common learning methods for animals with brain. Dogs can understand human once they are trained. Dogs can do as they were told to do once they are trained.

Basically, the education you thought that makes you intelligent is training you to be a slave, live like a trained dog, and stressful life.

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