Concepts of Biology and Study Methods Lectures – Changes in Schedule starting Oct 24.

The lectures has been re-scheduled to Sat due to other classes.

When: Every Sat at 4 PM starting on Oct 24th, 2020.

Where: YouTube

YouTube channel: PonderedEducation (

These lectures will be composed of concepts in biology as subjects and study methods that PonderEd has developed. The study methods are unique and can be applied to any subjects such as Language, Science, Economics etc. With the study methods students can increase their efficiency in studying school subjects. The study methods are also directly related to the strategies that individuals can use in everyday life because the very same methods are applicable for project development, negotiation, management, and relationships. Thus, you can increase the chances to achieve what you are looking for in the future.

With the lectures;

Students (Secondary and University) will;

  1. Be able to build and connect concepts in biology.
  2. Be able to increase efficiency in studying other school subjects.
  3. Be able to develop thinking skills (brain development)
  4. Be able to build the skills essential for their future life.

Parents with kids in school will;

  1. Be able to find strategies how to support their children.
  2. Be able to build skills on communicating their children.
  3. Be able to plan their children’s future.

Others who run businesses or working;

  1. Be able to develop skills in projects or strategy development.
  2. Be able to develop skill in communication.
  3. Be able to develop skills in negotiation.
  4. Be able to achieve their future plans.

If you have any questions, please e-mail