Life is a final match

Competition starts before a person even born.

Because only one sperm out of millions can fertilize an egg.

Thus, every single person is a winner.

Only people who won the race come to the world.

Thus, the life is a final match where all the winners compete to win.

But not all can be part of the final match.

To be part of the game, one has to have skills to challenge and compete.

The game of human life is based on thinking process.

Everybody was born with courage to challenge for the competition because competition begun before even born.

But not all possess thinking skills to win.

This is why developing brain power of thinking through education.

The desirer to be in part of the final match cries out to study hard from inside.

But it is not easy to study.

The reason is that the goal of study is focused on ‘happy and comfortable life’.

Study is to challenge and compete with excitement against undetermined future.

The goal to live happy and comfortable life is opposite of the reason of study.

This is why study is difficult.

To play in the final match as a main player, focus on study to compete and challenge.

Not happy and comfortable life.