Want to be successful? Set goals to achieve. Not the outcomes you want.

Life is competitive. If you don’t win, you will lose. To win, you need to achieve goals. To achieve goals, you need to set the goals to achieve.

There are two different types of goals. 1. Goals that make you sit back, relax and hoping for success. 2. Goals that make you be proactive to achieve the goals.  

If you are a person who doesn’t want to get involved in competition, the first type might be suitable. But remember. If you set goals that make you sit back and relax, you could live slave like life because you wouldn’t be able to achieve nothing.

If you are a person who wants to be like Steve Jobs who started the Apple company, you need to set 2nd types of goals.

Here are details.

Type 1. Goals that make you sit back, relax and hoping for success

Example) My goal is – ‘graduate college, get a good job and live good life!’

As you are hoping for good life, you could live good slave like life. Because, good job and good life means happy and comfortable life. The life is competitive. To survive the competition, you need to get in the game. And there is no happy and comfortable life while you are competing. Only challenges, excitement, and uncertainty are waiting for you.

Type 2. Goals to develop methods to apply in competition

Steve Jobs addressed how he started the apple in 2005 Stanford Univ. graduation speech. He said, he connected dots. Dots of typography and computer. And this was his goal. How to combine them.

The differences?

Type 1 goals have nothing but ‘hope’. No action required.

Type 2 goals have reason to act. Need to work to develop fonts.

Combining typography and computer is a tool to compete in computer related markets. He succeeded and survived in the competition.

To be successful, set goals to develop methods to compete. Not what you hope for.