Adopting thought process

The example topics used in workshops are not customized. And customizing the topic requires discussion with the customers so that the method can be fitted to the topic of customers’ interest.

If a requester has specific topic of interest and would like to apply thought process-based learning and teaching method, PonderEd can provide consultation. Since it is the process of individualizing the methods, PonderEd cannot provide detailed information. But can provide how to check if you may consider consultation.

Who is this for?

If the topic of requesters’ choice is not included in the workshop. The requester can bring the topic for the workshop but PonderEd cannot guarantee that the topic is fully covered at the workshop. In this case, you might consider having consultation.

 If the requestor would like to start with own topic of interest. For example, if the requestor would like to adopt thought process-based education for Math, Economics, Politics, Philosophy and etc., you can request consultation from beginning. PonderEd can work step by step to build the thought process over the topic of your interest.

Cost for the consultation will vary depending on duration of the development and other requirements (e.g. face to face meeting). Please contact Min; for details.