I. Creative thinking to discover new phenomena

Knowledge is the past. Even if you learned brand new knowledge, there is someone who already have the knowledge. In addition, seeking for knowledge could make yourself enslave to the knowledgeable people. Creative thinking is skills to introduce know concept (which will be knowledge to others) to the world. Thus, it will bring opportunity to live as a leader.


Discovery is a process of revealing something new. Because it is process of revealing something that already exists, it might not look like creative thinking. However, the thinking process that leads to new discovery requires many different viewpoints from many different angles. Thus, PonderEd considered this thinking process as creative thinking.

This creative thinking process is the first and the most basic step among the all three creative thinking processes because it only requires conceptualization of knowledge. Here is an example.

A bird standing on a tree branch that is covered with snow.

The photo above is a winter bird standing on a branch of a tree that we often encounter. Everybody knows that this is a bird in the winter. Thus, knowledge is there. However, if you observe the bird in this figure in detail, you might notice that the body is insulated by feathers. However, the legs are exposed to bare skin, which can be a problem in cold winters. This observation can lead to the curiosity questions like ‘How can a bird’s legs are not frozen in that freezing temperature?’ And the questions, in turn, will stimulate brain to find answers.

This type of thinking process will lead to discovery of new phenomena that people didn’t have knowledge about. And whoever discovers a new phenomenon will become a leader of the field. Thus, ‘creative thinking skills to discover something new’ is a tool for a person to move toward the top of pyramid-like society structure.

The future that creative thinking to discover new phenomena will bring

1. Increase efficiency in school study – The thinking process of discovering something new begins with observation, description, analysis and questions. PonderEd defines this series of thinking process as process of conceptualization of knowledge. With this study method, students can digest knowledge with reasoning and data. This will promote brain to store the information longer and to utilize the concept more effectively.

2. For graduate students and researchers – Many researches are to discover a new phenomenon. The creative thinking to discover can be directly applied in research fields.

3. For ordinary life – Everyone works hard to move to the top of the pyramid-like society structure. Discovering something new means achieving something new. Thus, this skill will provide opportunity to move to the top of pyramid-like society structure.

How to study

1. PonderEd YouTube Lectures (Open but voluntary payment encouraged since these are the results of ~10 year development.)

2. Study tips in PonderEd website (Similar to YouTube, these are open but voluntary payment encouraged.)

3. Complete the Level 1 training courses provided by PonderEd (Online class will be provided from Jan 2022. Please e-mail to tongpil@gmail.com for more information.)