II. Creative thinking that provokes development or invention

Note: knowledge and concept are two different things. Knowledge refers knowing something. For example, knowing the name ‘apple’ as one of the fruits (another name) is knowledge. Concept is exploring characteristics such as color, texture, shape etc. This difference determines which thinking process the brain will take. Knowledge will lead to results mostly (delicious, helpful, fresh etc.) Concept will stimulate curiosity and eventually lead to creative thinking process. Please read chapter 8 of “Education Policy and Leadership” Volume 1 Book (https://infonomics-society.org/product/education-policy-and-leadership/) for more information.


An example of Creative thinking that leads to invention of a new tool. The development of stone hammer requires concept connection after conceptualizing each component. (e.g., vine: flexible for knot tying)

The second creative thinking is the brain ability to create new technologies, tools, cultures etc. This thinking process is only possible when brain can connect concepts after conceptualizing knowledge. For example, Steve Jobs (see his 2005 Stanford University speech on YouTube) developed fonts by making connection between typography and computer. This type of concept connection process is possible after the concepts of typography and computer are fully developed.

Creative thinking that provokes invention is essential for starting a new company or society since it provides tool to compete in existing markets or societies. And groundbreaking technologies are based on this type of creative thinking process.


1. For students in master’s or doctorate degree programs – New research projects can be developed. Provide opportunity to go on an independent pathway.

2. For people who are starting new businesses – This brain power will provide tools to compete in existing markets. Lead the markets with new tools or technologies.

The creative thinking process to discover something new is a power to compete in the pyramid-like society structure. With this skill, one can move to the top position within the pyramid. The creative thinking process that leads to invention, on the other hand, is one step advanced brain function. It will lead to make a brand-new pyramid (a new research team, a new company etc.)

How to study:

1. PonderEd YouTube Lectures (Open but voluntary payment encouraged since these are the results of ~10 year development.)

2. Tips provided in PonderEd website (Similar to YouTube, these are open but voluntary payment encouraged.)

3. Complete the level 1 & 2 training courses provided by PonderEd (Level 2 courses are only for the people who passed level 1 courses.)