Payment for the study materials

$10.00 + GST
$20.00 + GST

The study materials in PonderEd are the results of many year development. These materials are very new and unique.

If you are studying with these materials and value the development, please consider to pay for the usage.

PonderEd is asking voluntary payment – NOT mandatory.

The price for each study material (lecture videos, articles, textbooks etc.) is CAD $2.50 + 5% GST.

Since fees are involved in credit card payment, there are two payment options provided. 1. $10.00 + GST for about 4 new study materials that you are using, 2. $20.00 + GST for about 8 new study materials that you are using.

If you would like to send a check, please put Tongpil Min at ‘PAY TO THE ORDER OF’ then mail it to the following address.

Tongpil Min (PonderEd Education)

273-9600 Cameron St.

Burnaby, BC V3J 7N3


You can request the receipt by e-mail to Please note that education provided by PonderEd doesn’t provide certificate. And the payment is not tax deductible.