What is creative thinking?

Creative thinking is the brain ability to discover, to invent or develop, and to create new concepts. Discovering that earth is sphere, inventing a phone or creating new concepts such as artificial satellite or relativity theory are results of creative thinking. The ability to think creatively has not been learnable or teachable. If it was teachable or learnable, there should have been many geniuses in human history.

For the first time in history, PonderEd has developed a way to learn and teach creative thinking systematically. The learning and teaching methods for creative thinking is extension of ‘thought process-based education’ which was developed by PonderEd previously. With the methods, learners will be able to develop skills to think creatively and education providers can teach students to develop creative thinking. The creative thinking skills can also connect education to students’ future life (Please read chapter 8 of the book titled ‘Education Policy And Leadership’ released on Sep 20, 2021)

There are three types of creative thinking: The first creative thinking process is the thinking process to discover new phenomena. The second is the brain ability to develop (or invent) new technologies or cultures. And the third is the brain ability to create new concepts that didn’t exist.

The chapter 8 from following book discusses ‘why you should develop creative thinking process’, ‘how to learn how to think creatively’, ‘how to teach students to develop creative thinking’, and ‘how creative thinking can bridge education to the future life’. The chapter 8 of this book was contributed by PonderEd and you can find details about creative thinking.

The chapter 8 of this book can be purchased from following link:
Education Policy And Leadership – Infonomics Society (infonomics-society.org)